Gatot Suprihadi, S.T 

Owner, Principal & Director

Our capacity is limited but improving the capacity and quality is a must. Architecture is non-stop exploration, daring architecture means daring to try. Never surrender!!

Engaged in the world of architecture since 1991, started from the beginning of undergraduate education majoring in Architectural Engineering, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, which was completed from 1991 until 1997.

Early in college, has started to involve on the practitioner apprentice at a large consulting firm in several places in Yogyakarta, in 1992 the first performance is achieved through a national competition of Engineering Monument UGM, won first prize. In the same period had joined in the studio team collaboration Architecture Engineering UGM (1995-1997) which handles some design activities and studies in collaboration with third parties (state agencies and public or private)

After taking the bachelor degree, followed by studying the cooperation involved in the contract for 5 years at Gadjah Mada University as OECF Project Implementation Unit (PIU-OECF) field staff of Civil Works, projects handled by the development of faculty in Gadjah Mada University 8 in the form of a building approximately 18 units of multi-stories building (floors 2-8) and seventies 1st floor building, this project involves consultants and international contractors with competitive international procurement building system.

At the time as a technical staff in the PIU OECF, I also began pioneering by establishing the company WASNADIPTA; Dhipa Multitama, CV which moved on the design and construction, experience of managing Dhipa Multitama, CV as owner and director of technical planning and design, make a valuable teacher that a career should begin on the right track and clear, consistent and sustained and focused. Scope of work Dhipa Multitama, CV, a larger role as a contractor is considered less synergy in creating a spirit of idealism in architecture.

Because of that in the year 2003 after the PIU OECF, I worked closely with colleagues Aryo Tamtomo, ST, forming business entities named CV. Adi Buana Cipta Wastu (WASNADIPTA), addressed in house of Aryo Tamtomo, ST on Timoho Street 335 to be a home base and office address at that time voluntarily.

At 31 August 2003, CV Wastu Buana Adi Cipta (Wasnadipta) established officially. With time passing by , some architectural work were created, competition / contest, houses, educational facilities, commercial, landscape, heritage, places to worship, etc.

Until now the position as the founding fathers, owner, director, and principal architect at CV Wastu Buana Adi Cipta (Wasnadipta), I still provide direction, coloring, build in creating a solid team work and professional toward the vision and mission WASNADIPTA actively. The formed teamwork consists of young professionals and visionary, who has high integrity.

Times, opportunities, challenges, obstacles and the spirit made this bureau colorful, natural selection has been run, the opportunity has been captured, the optimal effort is made, and the hope lies. several architectural works have been built, competition and the competency keep running, our capacity is limited but improving the capacity and quality is a must. architecture is non-stop exploration, daring architecture daring to do to try, never surrender!!

As the development of CV. Adi Buana Cipta Wastu (Wasnadipta), demands and needs of resources will continue to increase, since 2007 the home base and studio considered inappropriate, and moved to Karangwaru 232, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

From Timoho Street 335, to the scale of Wastu Adi Buana Cipta. A name and our vision to continue to work.

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